We help brands craft their visual stories and build their brand communities.



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Our Culture

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What We Do

We craft connections
through visual storytelling

By blending smart strategy with world-class design, we transform your brand idea into engaging and relevant experiences across multiple touch points, platforms, and communication channels. Whether it’s:

Our Approach

Rigor With a healthy
dose of intuition

Every project begins with a strategic framework. We dig deep to understand what makes consumers tick, search far and wide for meaningful trends, and challenge category conventions that inhibit new thinking. It’s this approach that makes for disruptive brand strategies that inspire brilliant design.

Our Mantra is Simple

Smart Strategy

Everything we do is built on a strong strategic foundation.


Powerful Design

Design that tells a story and reinforces a connection to the brand.

What our clients say

"They truly live up to the meaning of team, elevating the bar in how we define our brands. Their entrepreneurial energy helped us accomplish our goals!"

Paul Verna, Sr. Brand Manager, Hansen Beverage Company

"Above all, they are unafraid of rolling up their sleeves. Their energy, enthusiasm and can-do attitude separates them from the pack and makes them a pleasure to know and work with."

John Millar, Head of Marketing Communications, Avalon Flooring

"Stag&Hare knows how to be a seamless part of the team but also know when it’s time to strategically critique it. You can trust them to keep you honest."

Mia Kyricos, Chief Brand Officer, Spafinder Wellness 365

"Rarely have I worked with a team who could embrace a concept, steer a process, shape a brand, and deliver it in such a professional and friendly way. Thank you for making my job easier and a whole lot more fun!"

Nancy Davis, SVP & Executive Director, Global Wellness Institute

"Stag&Hare are true partners, delivering a world-class website that is a perfect reflection of our vibrant brand – both visually stunning and technically impressive. Despite tight deadlines, budgets and resources, they were a pleasure to work with."

Rachel Graper, Global Brand Manager, Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

"I have never worked with a more creative, collaborative, and strategic agency. They have been true partners, deeply understanding and internalizing our needs and delivering the best work our industry has ever seen. They are the best at what they do."

Geoff Vuleta, Chief Marketing Officer, NJOY

Join Our Team

Fast-Paced. Collaborative. Committed. Fun.

Sound like a good place to work? Yep. We think so too. We're always looking to meet talented, passionate people to join our team. Full-time, part-time, freelancing, project work, interships - all of it. Send us an email WITH your resume/portfolio/sketch book. Don't forget to include a cover letter or tell us something about you we can't get from your credentials.

Contact Us


441 Broadway, 5th fl,
New York, NY 10013
+1 646.861.0505


503 Boccaccio Avenue,
Venice, CA 90291
+1 310.435.6846


659 Auburn Ave, Unit 151,
Atlanta, GA 30312
+1 404.254.0499


The House of St. Barnabas,
1 Greek Street, Soho Square,
London W1D 4NQ
+44 (0) 7790.904233


+ 1 917.588.4868