The Story


The Challenge

For many years, the Hansen’s Natural business grew organically. Beginning with its eponymous juice line, we worked with Hansen’s as they expanded to different categories and formats: juice boxes, natural soda, sparkling water, energy drinks, sparkling juice, and many others. With so many members of the family now in one aisle, Hansen’s asked us to help them develop the glue that would bring the portfolio together with a stronger visual language.

The Solution

GIVE THEM A MOTTO THE WHOLE FAMILY CAN ASPIRE TO. We went back to Hansen’s roots – going to ‘unnatural lengths for natural goodness’ – to develop a portfolio architecture that tied all the brands together while allowing each member of the family to express its own personality. From this core strategy, we created a unified look and feel that was flexible enough to span categories and formats. We modernized the overall look while creating stronger shelf presence.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Communications Planning
  • Trade & Retail Communications
  • Merchandising

What our client said...

"They truly live up to the meaning of team, completely invested every step of the way. Our brands have come so far due to their persistence in elevating the bar in how we define our brands. Their entrepreneurial energy could not resonate more with what was needed to accomplish our goals!"

Paul Verna, Sr. Brand Manager, Hansen Beverage Company