we’ve worked on over 30 brands in our 8+ year relationship


In an effort to differentiate and rise above the pack, Dasani created a new positioning, the “language of water” and came to us to bring this proposition to life. We deconstructed the current packaging and design elements, then conducted research to find out what consumers felt were the key brand equities. We explored graphics, bottle shape and label substrate to clearly demonstrate Dasani’s advantages and reflected taste appeal and premium cues.


Taking equities from the popular McCafé quick-serve restaurant brand, Stag&Hare created a look and feel for a new, ready to drink beverage highlighting the premium quality Arabica bean coffee and dialing up the flavor and taste appeal to get consumers clamoring to try a new product from a beloved coffee brand.


Since 1898, Barq’s has delivered on its unique taste and its “Barq’s Has Bite” proposition, but it needed an update. Leveraging the brand’s strong heritage, Stag&Hare updated and streamlined the overall look & feel to create stronger shelf blocking across SKUs.


Halloween is a key holiday for Fanta, and to help dress the brand up for the occasion, Stag&Hare developed the packaging and look & feel for a fully-integrated seasonal program. Honing in on the “Scary Good Fun” positioning, we brought the Fanta Crew to life on-pack with iconic costumes and a fun, party attitude.


Cascal, a distinctive, fermented soda, was initially positioned as “the drink when you don’t want to drink alcohol.” To capitalize on a larger opportunity, Stag&Hare leveraged its complex flavor profile, which pairs perfectly with food, to reposition it as the beverage for foodies. From there, we worked with Coke’s Emerging Brands team to build a launch that included brand strategy, packaging, and an integrated marketing campaign.


6mix is a special limited-edition cherry-orange Sprite flavor created in collaboration with LeBron James. To bring the 6mix flavor and collaboration to life, Stag&Hare created refreshing packaging with a unique, youthful, and urban-inspired design that sparks conversation and stands out with the cool confidence of the man himself.


Around the world, everyone knows Coke goes perfectly with food. But the challenge of a global presence is maintaining consistency across cultures and occasions. To solve for this, Stag&Hare developed guidelines, templates, and an image library that allow for flexible implementation across global formats, channels, and markets – keeping everything simple, authentic, and easy to use.

World of Coke

To help the World of Coca-Cola become a more compelling destination, Stag&Hare created a new positioning and visual identity system to produce an experience that truly celebrates the promise of “Open Happiness.” By mapping out the consumer journey, we created an engaging visual system that celebrates the WOCC’s iconic architecture, reflecting the total sensory experience and building brand love along the way.

Georgia Coffee

To establish Coke’s coffee credentials in the U.S., the global team asked Stag&Hare to develop a unified visual identity for the billion-dollar Georgia Coffee brand in preparation for its U.S. launch. Leveraging consumer insights and trends, we created an iconic look & feel, positioning, identity, and retail programs to build a brand that transcends global rituals, channels, and formats.


Coca-Cola Freestyle is an innovative machine that dispenses over 100 different brands and flavors, offering consumers a customized beverage experience. Knowing this proposition can sometimes be difficult for consumers to grasp, Stag&Hare created a flexible and vibrant system to communicate variety, choice, and refreshment while remaining bold, simple, and exciting – promoting curiosity by highlighting fantastic choices you won’t find anywhere else.

Polar Bears

Stag&Hare partnered with Coca‑Cola to establish the first-ever identity system for this global icon. The final VIS defined the visual appearance of the Polar Bear across markets, mediums, and formats, and included new creative, graphics, and templates that provide flexibility and consistency while staying true to its personality and heart.