Last week we attended Expo West for the fifth time and it never gets old. Just when you think you’ve seen the category expand as far as it can go, there are always new players coming on the scene or upping their game to help us realize just how expansive the natural space really is. 

Expo West is the country’s largest natural and organic products show, featuring emerging, growing and established brands from all over the world. For us, it’s like old home week, visiting past and current clients, such as Chobani, Litehouse, Hansen's, and Coca Cola, to name a few. We loved seeing our Blue Sky work come alive at their booth and were equally impressed by how other brands are extending their “design language” through artful visual storytelling.

We are truly energized when we see new brands thrive, both in their innovative product development and their innovative approach to branding and marketing.

Visual storytelling is more essential now than ever.

There was a time when brand assets were relatively “fixed”, that is the brand strategy, brand identity, core packaging and advertising campaigns (which come and go like the seasons), dictated how the brand came to life in the more flexible spaces such as point of sale, promotional packaging and even website design.

Not so anymore. With the growth of digital marketing, the advent of social media, and the expanding role of events/experiential marketing, brands are truly flourishing when they embrace the concept of visual storytelling – balancing consistency and flexibility in brand messaging and imagery to create ownable, adaptive and sharable experiences across trade and consumer touchpoints.

Expo West was a great reminder that there’s no shortage of product innovation, which in turn, naturally, provides us with plenty of visual storytelling opportunities for the future.