Brands today are challenged to continuously connect with their communities by creating ‘experiences’ that are engaging, relevant, and accessible at all times in the on-line and off-line world.

But how do you create a seamless brand experience that is adaptive and shareable, while remaining true to your brand?

Stag&Hare recently worked with the LA Tourism & Convention Board to meet this challenge for their dineL.A. winter restaurant week. Our successful solution revealed three best practices you can apply to developing your seamless brand experience.

1. Understand the role your brand idea plays in your consumer’s lives.

Creating a community around your brand requires a deep understanding of your consumer and the idea your brand represents in their lives. For dineL.A., we identified our target market as “taste spotters” – those who seek, find, and share the latest and greatest food and dining experiences. For these consumers, dineL.A. represents the thrill of finding and sharing great food experiences with others in their community. Based on this idea, we developed a platform for sharing and gamification centered on, “the art of the find.”

2. Create a Design Language and establish fixed, flexible, and fluid principles to guide activation.

Design Language is a visual representation of how your brand looks, feels, sounds, smells, and tastes. This 360-degree sensorial expression of your brand allows you to create evocative experiences across all of the marketing touch points, channels, and platforms your brand lives, while remaining true to the idea your brand represents.

The translation of Design Language into an actionable plan is guided by fixed, flexible, and fluid principles.

We created a Design Language for dineL.A. that included the

dineL.A. logo and red color palette, typography style, illustration style, a modern photography style, and a dynamic tone of voice and messaging. Together these assets and principles provided the right balance of consistency and flexibility when building out ownable, adaptive, and shareable experiences for dineL.A.

3. Marry your on-line and off-line experiences.

Being accessible is vital to keeping your community engaged. Understanding the need to go high-tech and high-touch for dineL.A., we built in cross-platform participation. Print advertisements drove consumers on-line and digital banner advertisements drove social media engagement. We leveraged the dineL.A. #dinesnapwin Instagram promotion by creating incentives to digitally share, while providing a printed, illustrated map of Los Angeles neighborhoods that gave the Taste Spotter community tools they could share in real life.

The Most Successful dineL.A. Event Ever

Seamlessly bridging the digital and real life divide delivered unparalleled results for dineL.A.:

  • 17% increase in diners over last year’s event
  • 40% increase in diners over Summer 2016 event
  • 89% of participating restaurants said that the promotion met or
exceeded expectations
  • Campaign creative generated 41% increase in web traffic to
  • Creative was viewed more favorably by participating restaurants than any previous campaign

With the right tools, principles, and best practices you can create seamless brand experiences that engage and activate your brand community.