Go Beyond The Comfort Zone

Brand elasticity is the degree to which a brand can stretch in terms of it’s product offering. But how far can a brand go without losing it's purpose, promise, and sense of authenticity? Well, in 2017, it seems as though the answer is really, really far.

In this issue, see how virtually everyone wants to be in the hotel business, peruse the latest brand extensions from around the world, understand the implications of brand elasticity without limits, have a good laugh at some brands that may have extended themselves just a little too far, and check out some important tips on how to improve your innovation success rate.

Here’s what we’re seeing…

Every Brand Wants To Be In The Hotel Business

Bulgari. Karl Lagerfeld. Versace. Armani. Baccarat. West Elm. Restoration Hardware. Equinox. What do all of these names have in common?

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And now Muji is entering the hotel space.

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The Latest Brand Extension Examples From Around The World

Baileys, Moleskine's, Carlsberg, KFC, and more. The Branding Journal captures some of the most intriguing new brand extension case studies in one place. You be the judge: Inspirational or insipid?

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How Big Is Too Big?

Atlantic.com, asks the question, "When Does Amazon Become a Monopoly?

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Something To Think About Before Extending Your Brand…

Take a look at this 2016 Inc. article that reminds us that off-the-wall brand extensions can fail miserably.

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What matters most…

Worried about investing in innovation? Here, 12 timeless tips for improving your innovation success rate.

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